A few weeks ago I thought I lost my wallet. The only action I took before finding it was to cancel the cards from my credit union. Okay fine no problem they said, and reissued 2 ATM cards and a Visa card.

Get the cards a week later. “Hey, I need these” I think to myself and put them somewhere very important and memorable so I’ll grab them on the way out of the house. A month later I still can’t remember where that is, so I finally give up and call my credit union back.

Naturally, pride wouldn’t allow me to say “I’m stupid and lost the cards you sent to replace the cards I thought I lost before, can you send me some new ones?” So I went with “I never received the cards.” A few minutes go by and … “Those cards were never reissued. Your current card should work fine.” Now I’m painted in a corner! If I point out their obvious mistake(s) I’ll be found out! “Why did I get a Visa card and not the ATM cards,” I ask? “Maybe the person who reissued that one didn’t understand you wanted both of them cancelled.” Hmm. We verified that my card should still work, and I thanked them for their time.

So somewhere in my house (or, potentially, the landfill. Can never discount random things ending up in the trash. Thanks Isaac!) are 2 ATM cards that were never issued.They magically appeared in my mailbox one day. The magically appeared without the card in my wallet being cancelled. Idiots.