My daughter turned 4 this month.

We have a tall green plant/tree in our corner, which she has named “Albert Bangbone”. Actually that may be short for something much longer, but I can’t remember.

She got a fish for her birthday. His name is “Candyfellow Rainbow”, but we have permission to just call him “Rainbow”

There is an event named “Zoo Lights” in which they deck the Zoo out in christmas lights. You go at night, so there are no animals, and it’s quite beautiful. On the night we went there was a band, and a harpist, and some choralers. The kids sat still for a good 20 minutes listening to the carolers. When they finished, with no prompting or hesitation, Jane walked right up to the conductor and told her how much she liked the singing. She also thanked them, then turned around and left.

This week we went to dinner. Cassandra was noting a lack of chicken in her chicken enchilada, and a small discussion about it broke out among the adults about it. A few minutes passed, and suddenly Jane started saying “Excuse me, excuse me.” Soft and respectful, too quiet to actually get her attention, she was signalling to the waitress. She noticed anyway and headed over, where Jane informed her that her mother needed some more chicken, please. After the meal, Jane let the waitress know how much she loved her hair. On the way out, she gave her a hug.

My daughter appears to be as extroverted as I am in. Go figure!