There was a very fidgety man at the bus stop today, attempting to bend time to his will. Not a minute passed when he didn’t check his watch. Or jog out into the street for a better view of the bus that aparently would never arrive. All the while mumbling abaut his lot in life.

What was he hoping for? Would the driver detect his fidgeting and start plowing through traffic as if Dennis Hopper had strapped a bomb to it? Maybe the oppsite route would flip around and imediately take him to his destination. If he worked up a good enough frenzy, maybe the connecting bus or meeting he was going to would simply wait for him from shear will.

Certainly there were non mystical options at his disposal. If the bus took too long, maybe he would just set out on foot. Maybe he would call a cab. Or get into his car parked around the corner.

This probaby isn’t an isolated incident. Surely many elevator buttons have met his wrath. Hours of hold music have witnessed him shouting at the wind. His carpet at home lays threadbare while his wife primps one last time before leaving.

Imagine how much happier his life would be if he embraced the simple idea so many others are also unable to follow: Accept that which you can not change.