It’s finally beautiful in Tucson again. 66 right now, very light breeze. I’m on the back porch abusing the technology. Logged in wirelessly on the laptop and listening to the new BNL album streaming from the PC.

Today was a nice lazy day. Did nearly nothing all day, but finally did a little bit of grocery shopping at the end. When I left my family was having a pillow fight. A giggling wife and children causes a smile which takes a week to wipe off.

And when I went shopping, I spent $42 and saved $19! Woot! More impressively, I stuck entirely to the list we made beforehand. (Technically I did add an item to the list midway through the store, but it still counts, honest)

Work is going well. Very busy but I don’t feel quite as harried about it. In the last two weeks we’ve started using a project management tool called PHProjekt. I’m actually digging it, despite my overall reluctance at managing my time in general. It finally got to a point that if I didn’t start keep track of all the balls in the air, they’d all come crashing down on me.