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For all of you that had the pleasure of being jumped on, shed on, farted on, sat on, or most often vigorously licked by our wonderful dog Lexus, I’m sad to report that she passed away earlier today.

Over the last few days we noticed she had stopped eating and vacating. She had labored breathing and was lethargic, but she was also drinking and peeing normally. The vet seemed relatively unconcerned and we all thought it was just constipation. Obviously something more was going on inside.

We got Lexus as a young dog from a friend who found her wandering on the street. She was obviously abused and neglected, but turned out to be a wonderful and patient dog. Poked, pulled, lied on, and rode, she was the best dog possible around kids. And adults too!

Lexus is survived by three hundred pounds of hair embedded in our