There are some random bits of memory that stick with you all your life.
This particular one involves learning the word “Juxtaposition” from my
11th grade english teacher. She would bring in Reader’s Digest and go
over the “50 cent words” section, or whatever it was called. She went
over hundreds of words that semester, but juxtaposition is the one I
clearly remember. I’m sure there are other words that stuck with me, but
none as vividly. When I hear the word I actually flash back to my
teacher sitting in that classroom, on her stool, wearing a navy blue
skirt and … okay, maybe too much detail there.

Anyway, I was reminded of that tonight at the gym. I go to the YMCA,
which usually has a few kids and teens, and their code of conduct is
posted liberally throughout the building. Recently they’ve put up a big
“Character Counts Zone” sandwich board as you enter the main gym floor.
It talks about appropriate behavior, treating others with respect, etc.
Tonight the sign was almost directly under the fist tv on the cardio
floor, which was playing… The Godfather. I’m not sure why it was on
AMC in the first place, but they quickly changed it when I brought it to
their attention. The juxtaposition of that sign and that movie tickled