I put in 12+ hours in the office on Saturday, mostly to make up time that I had missed for funerals, sick kids, school plays, and everything in between. I decided that background noise of movies would be a nice alternative to my normal Pandora listening. I had not, believe it or not, seen any of these movies before.

- Deliver Us from Evil. I’ve been wanting to see this ever since Ebert and Roeper talked it up. They did not lead me wrong. It’s an extremely well done documentary with some extremely difficult content matter. Certainly not for everyone, but worth viewing if you’re interested in the subject matter

- Soylent Green. A “cult classic”, I think. It’s a common cultural reference, and frankly that’s the only thing worth taking away. If you like your acting overdone with a side of cheese, this is for you. It’s much more interesting as a cultural artifact of 70′s sci fi than as a movie unto itself.

- Cool Hand Luke. Good stuff. Now the time I ate a dozen eggs seems so paltry and insignificant.

- Casablanca. Holy crap! Now I know what all the hubbub was about. This will probably be the best movie I see all year.