I’m sitting here at my desk with my mouth literally agape, completely stunned at the email I’m reading. I’m still saying “wow” to myself. Not just in my head, out loud too.

I was trying to register on a technical forum for a product we use. I was trying to register using ‘bbendick’, the same username I’ve registered with at what has to be over a thousand places before. But for some reason that username isn’t allowed on that board. Maybe I had registered before with the name, and it’s just a bad error message. There’s no way to recover a password, so let me mail someone…

The response: ‘The problem stems from an obscenity filter on the username field that prevents any user names with the word “dick” in it. Sorry for the inconvenience.’

Again, wow.

I did some research on the forum software in question. Someone in the forum submitted a similar problem trying to register as ‘rlarsen’.

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