Jane’s first loose tooth has been loose for a few weeks now. Apparently the principal at her school, who is a super nice lady, is an expert tooth puller. I’m not sure what finally motivated her today, but after school she and Cassandra went to the principal’s office and came out a gap toothed 6 year old. Her first tooth! Yay!

Before bedtime she made a card for the tooth fairy. But she’s a pretty sensitive little girl. When we traded our car in, without her, we had to drive back to the dealership so she could hug it goodbye. So as the kids were drifting off to sleep I heard her crying. I scurried in to see what was going on, and she didn’t want to give  up her tooth. “I’m going to save them all and give them to her at once”, she intially decided.  “Okay sweetie, we can put it in your chest and she won’t be able to find it.” As I left the room she had switched to giving them two at a time.