Conversation with Jane:
    Her: “Daddy, I had chopped robin for lunch today! And it was gooood.”
    Me: “Chopped robin?”
    Her: “Yep, chopped robin.”
    Me: “Uhm, what is chopped robin?”
    Her: “It’s kind of like soup, but it has a lot of noodles in it.”

    I got a big smile on my face and decided not to correct her, it was too damn cute.

Conversation with Isaac, after an incident with a mosquito buzzing around his face while he was trying to sleep:
    Me: “Why are you out of bed?”
    Him: “I’m scared of the muskeetos.”
    Me: “Okay honey, you can go sleep in my bed and I’ll move you back to your room later on.”
    Him: “But the skeetos will still get me then!”
    Me: “All the mosquitos leave your room at midnight.”
    Him: “They all go to sleep at midnight?”
    Me: “Yes son”.