Yesterday around 10:45 am I was walking across the street and saw a glass case sitting right in the middle of the road, destined to be crushed. I bent down to pick it up and was pleasantly surprised that the owner had put her name and cell phone number in it. Called and left a message, she called back, and soon had her glasses back. She was extremely grateful about the whole thing and I was chipper for having done a good deed for the day.

Around Noon I went to lunch, and didn’t get my debit card back. Or maybe she put it back next to me and I never noticed it. Either way, I left the establishment without my card. 6 hours later, someone bought $430 dollars worth of stuff on it at Circuity City. I realized the card was missing this morning, quickly cancelled it, and checked my transactions. I’ll probably have the money back by the end of the day.