We now own a car with a key that you put in the dashboard. We bought a new, claret red, 2006 Kia Sedona LX this weekend. I’m still in shock that we drove off the lot in a car that had 25 miles on it. It was not necessarily the wisest financial move, but that’s not necessarily a first for us. :)

Buying a car is usually a shitty experience, and this was no different, on the whole. The final agent we dealt with was great, but getting there was a chore. The first agent seemed to think he was a Saturn dealer. “Well here’s the MSRP, and here’s the (painfully low) trade in, and that’s pretty much it.” Seeya!

I had some sorrow when we left our old car. We’ve taken a half dozen more or so cross country trips in it. I drove Cassandra to the hospital to have Isaac in that car. We drove Isaac to the hospital after he broke his thigh. I drove across the country to my mother’s funeral, a month after 9/11. We used it to haul garbage, couches, fridges, freezers, mattresses, lumber, lizards, crayons, french fries, melted crayons, and sometimes people. Goodbye old friend!