A month ago my doctor prescribed Niacin for me to get my good / bad cholesterols in check. it’s an over counter dose, a billion milligrams or so.

The side effects can be fairly unpleasant. The drug opens up your blood vessels and can cause your skin to turn bright red and causes a burning sensation not unlike the itchiest phase of a sunburn. It usually lasts for a fairly short duration, typically less than an hour. It’s said a fourth of the people who start the drug don’t continue because of the side effects. My doc gave me a time release version so it normally hits while I’m asleep and don’t notice it. I have had the pleasure a few times though, and it’s interesting.

It’s hard to argue with the results though. My HDL was unchanged, but the overall ratio changed dramatically. My cholesterol went from an already respectable 164 to an even nicer 138. And my triglycerides went down by over half, from 179 to 78! I’m a happy camper.