I’m finally mostly recovered (if not unpacked) from our most recent road trip. Tucson -> Anaheim -> Sacramento -> Tucson in 5 days. 2050 miles. Half of that in one shot, 18 hours.

We went to Disneyland one of the days, which was immensely fun but tiring. Their 50th anniversary fireworks were completely amazing. And I hadn’t been there since they added Indiana Jones, which was also ia great ride. Monday in the off season is definately a good time to go. We didn’t wait for more than 20 minutes for any ride. I have trouble imagining more throngs of people than were already there, though. I hate lines, I hate crowds, but I love Disneyland. Sucks to be me!

The Sacramento leg was to visit my grandmother, who we hadn’t seen in quite a few years. We drove from there to El Cerrito, took BART to San Francisco, and a street car over to Fisherman’s Wharf, where we took a Bay Cruise. It was a fun little adventure, and the kids were fantastic. Even though my Grandma had lived in Redwood City for 30 years before moving to Sacramento, she had never taken BART or taken a bay cruise. It’s not too often you can find something new for an 86 year old to do. :)

The drive back was 14 hours of solid driving, and a few of those hours were spent driving in thick fog with visibility I hadn’t seen my blizzard days. It’s a long haul, but maybe not long enough. I love San Francisco, and now that it’s just “a day away” I want to drive there more often. ;)