More of the geek stuff I’ve been getting in to, or by now am well in to, is podcasting. Since it was rolled into iTunes a few months ago it’s not just “geek stuff” anymore, but it certainly leans that way.

Podcast is a catchy term but suffers a little bit from the (probably purposeful) assocation with ipods. You certainly don’t need an ipod, or in fact any portable audio, to listen to them. They are simply audio shows that are distributed through RSS. So someone records an audio show, puts it on their server, and a few hours later you have a copy on your desktop. Having that copy make it all the way to your iPod is awfully nice, but not necessary.

For me, though, that’s how I always listen to it. The majority of Podcasts are talking, and I’ve always enjoyed talk radio. I listen to music a lot during the day at work and OD on it to an extent, so having some content to listen to on the way home is a nice change.

Should you decide to check out podcasting, the easiest way to go is certainly getting them through itunes. And actually the automatic nature of podcasting isn’t necessary either, most (all?) podcasts let you download the mp3 from the site.

Here are the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis, in no particular order:

  • Coverville. The show comes out about 3 times a week and is about 30 minutes of music, all cover songs. Everything played is ASCAP approved, or by the band directly, so that’s cool too.
  • Today’s Podcast. It’s not quite daily, but when it does come out it’s 2 or 4 minutes long discussing a word or a quote. Some definition, entymology, usage, whatever.
  • The Bitterest Pill. This is pretty close to an audio blog in content. He sort of talks about whatever is going on. He’s a stay at home dad with two kids though, so there’s usually something amusing going on.
  • The M Show. 10 minutes of news, talk, and entertainment.
  • The Roadhouse. One hour weekly of the finest blues you’ve never heard.
  • IT Conversations. Some IT related interviews as well as a lot of presentations recorded at various IT conferences.
  • Various NPR shows. Science Friday and Justice Talking are the only regular shows I get. The other stuff is “repurposed” for the web, like Story of the Day, which is one story the editors release each day.

Obviously I’m not listening to every minute of every podcast listed here, but it’s a good amount of stuff to have handy on my iPod whenever I’m in the mood.