I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few months playing with new technology. All web stuff since my gadget lust has been pretty well sated over my years of acquisition. My sidekick is getting pretty creaky and the HTC Universal is awfully sexy, but the price tag squashed any such desires.

I’ll start posting some of the tech stuff I stumble across or is forced down my throat. I saw a dozen references to Flock today, for instance. I downloaded it, of course, and it was interesting. It’s based on Mozilla and is being called “social” browser. Your bookmarks can be stored on del.icio.us, which is pretty nifty. It also has a small blog editor built right in, as well as a few other nice touches, and it looks pretty. But it won’t support any of my FF extensions right now (more accurately, the extensions don’t support it), and I got my fill of beta’s and nightly releases in the pre FF and Thunderbird 1.0 days.

A lot of the cooler tech things are built on the Google Maps API. I keep meaning to start using it myself one day, to plot population densities of classes across campus throughout the day. I’m such a wild man! Some of the “apps” are interesting to use once, and others are useful tools. This one is great, Gmaps Pedometer. I can tell you my walk home the other night was 1.67 miles.