I had an interesting IM Conversation with a friend today. My comments sounds a little simplistic, but the overall sentiment sums up my philosophy fairly well

friend: what I really need it a career goal
friend: something for 5, 10 years down the road
me: or not :)
friend: why not?
me: just live your life and wherever you are in 5 years is where you’re supposed to be
friend: so you think that there is no planning needed ?
me: depends on who you are mostly. I don’t
friend: that’s a good point. I guess my wife is a planner. I since I am married to a planner, I need to give thinking like a planner a shot. It certainly is not something that comes naturally to me
me: planning is good. I’ve never understood how you could plan a life though
friend: some might say that one won’t ‘get’ anywhere if they don’t plan
me: that presupposes that the point of life is to “get” somewhere :)