I had a follow up doctor appointment today. My cholesterol is good. 164. But my hdl is low (31) and my tryglecerides are high (179). More aerobics and less weight is the prescription at this point.

My blood pressure had also been on the watch list over the last year or so, but at my visit a week ago it was perfectly normal, 120 over something something. I thought it was a little strange, Ihad been monitoring it myself on the little blood pressure machines at pharmacies and it was constantly 130+. So I had him check it again today just in case, and it was 117 over something something. I mentioned it to him and he had a few theories. Most interestingly, he pointed to his wall and said “This is a mercury sphigmometer, which they don’t use anymore. OSHA won’t allow it.” So the baseline’s weren’t the same. The OSHA bit was interesting though.