This one was pretty tough, because I don’t ever think about retirement. I come (much to my wife’s dismay, in the context of this question :)) from the very small group of people who not only enjoy their job but love it. I also, as a general rule, think very little about the future, whether 3 years from now or 30.

But I’ll give it a shot anyway, although I could only come up with 4.

  • Drive around the country spending at least a month everywhere we stop. This is the only “retirement dream” I actually think about, and I waffle between driving all the way, or flying from one big city to another and renting a car. That’s probably how I’d handle a lot of the western states, which I’m pretty sick of driving through at this point.

    The idea is to stay somewhere long enough to pick up on the quirks of the place. To find the best bookstore, the best place to buy a bagel, the best Italian food, etc.

  • Live in a cabin on a lake. Sleep late. Read books. Take walks together. Swat mosquitoes.
  • All Grandkids, all the time.

  • I’d like to have the time and workshop to do some serious woodworking.