We survived the first pet death this week. “Candyfellow Rainbow”, the beta fish Jane got for her 4th birthday, is with is no more.

There was some crying but it didn’t last very long. We flushed him down the toilet right before bed time so they could have nice dreams about what a good fish he was. This morning Fred reported she hadn’t dreamed of Candyfellow but that she still missed him. There was a little sadness in her voice.

Later in the morning she came in and asked me to vacate my throne because she needed to go potty. “Use the other bathroom,” I saiid, while worried she would never use the toilet again because it was haunted.

“I don’t want to; it’s got fish guts on it.”

“I cleaned it off last night.”

“Oh,” she said, and went about her business. I guess she’s over it. :)