Wifey took a siesta to Vegas this weekend. That left me with a lot of free time after the kids sacked out at night. Friday was hectic and they got to bed pretty early which gave me a good chunk of time.

Unfortunately for every other project that should have had priority, I started fixating on a tiny little thing I wanted to do on my blog. I was recently reminded of an odd quirk that I picked up years ago on switchboard duty, and would be applicable to the blog.

So I set out to write a MovableType plugin. No reason to program for MT 2.x of course. First I had to find out if upgrading would break lj-crosspost (It doesn’t). And I don’t really want to work on a design I had grown sick of, so that had to go. Fortunately the default template plus a style from www.movablestyle.com was all I wanted.

With all that taken care of I got around to writing the plugin, which took far less time than the other nonsense. It was remarkably easy and now that I know the plugin general plugin architecture there is lots of room for improvement in my code. It was especially dissapointing to give up on the math parts and go the easy route, but 3am and fading isn’t a good time to write a new algorithm.

This was all, as some might say (and one already did) a collosal waste of time. But getting down and dirty with some new code that has nothing to do with anything is seldom a waste of time.