When ipods became really popular I had this idea about all these people walking around with them, and how anti-social it seemed.

Then I happened to buy “Brain Droppings”, by George Carlin, and he had the same idea as me, only 15 years ago.

Then I was having a conversation with a friend and it came up again, and I brought in the book to show the passage to him.

Then I bought a “George Carlin” day calendar, and the very first day was the same passage. It must be a sign! So I thought I should share.

I’ve just about had it with these poeple walking around listening to Walkmans. What are they trying to tell us? They’re too good to participate in daily life? What is it they’re listening to that’s so compelling? I think a person has to be fairly uncomfortable with his thoughts to have the need to block them out while simply walking around.