1. What was your favorite movie of 2004? Least favorite?

Favorite Movie was probably “Garden State”, or maybe “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.”
The question was “favorite”, not “best” :) . Least favorite was easily “The Village”. What a turd.

2. How did you spend Election Night 2004? Did you vote on Election Day?

I voted on election day and it took about half an hour. I spent election night watching CNN. I like
Jeff Greenspan and they had a lot of pretty TV’s. And it was amusing watch Larry King try to piece
things together.

3. Did you get a new (or new to you) car this year? What did you get?

No new car. I did buy a fuel pump and a serpentine belt though.

4. Did you use your landline phone or your cellphone more?

I use my cellphone more. My landline gets used more than my cell phone, but not by me. And I use
far more IM and email than voice.

5. Did you get a new job this year? Will you think about getting one in 2005?

No new job gained, no new job desired.

6. What was your favorite Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus/nonspecific celebratory December event gift?

Although not officially a gift, my father-in-law watching the kids while we wandered about Ikea.

7. Did you take any vacations this year? Where did you go? Did you enjoy your trip(s)?

I took 2 vacations this year, and they were as close to actual vacations as I’ve ever personally
achieved. Most of my “vacations” mean “not working in the office”. But these times I checked out pretty

One was the annual family road trip, this time driving to Minneapolis MN, Crookston MN, Rapid City SD,
Rexburg ID, and Las Vegas NV. It was 3 weeks, and quite a bit of fun.

The other was 4 or 5 days to San Francisco and was also fantastic.

8. What is your favorite song of 2004?

Musicology, Prince

9. Did you see any live concerts this year? Whom did you see? Was it worth the price of admission?

I saw Prince live, for the 3rd time. It was easily worth the price of admission. I also saw Rush, which
was also worth the price of admission, which was free. ;) (it was a gift). Rush puts on a great show
but I don’t get into their music enough to keep going for the price of tickets anymore.

10. Do you miss hockey as much as I do?

No but I might miss Baseball that much. :)