With all the wifi and digital floating around, I had some hair brained ideas of putting them to use.

- Make digital cameras that can send and receive photos. At popular photo sites like the grand canyon there are hundreds of shots flying around all around you. Wouldn’t it be cool if all the photos were flying on the ether and you could snag them and pick all the best images? Even if it weren’t a peer to peer thing, the site itself could collect them. Would you be interested in going to a website and seeing all the pictures taken at Alcatraz that day?

- Along the same lines, make mp3 players that can send and receive streams in a small local area. At the gym there are a ton of mp3 players. It would be nice to check out some other streams, expand my horizons. My player would keep playing while it was listening to other streams. No playlist browsing is even necessary, it just taps in to whatever else is currenly being played.

These uses put the N in niche, but they sure would be cool.