Last weekend the kids and I took a little road trip. On the way back while they were sleeping I listened to Graceland in it’s entirey, as I had many times before. As I was listening, I was writing a blog entry in my head, a nice flashback piece about how it was the first Album I ever really wanted.

But now it’s all gone to hell. I wanted and got that album during an ill-fated trip to California with my grandparents. I thought that trip was during the summer I turned 13. Graceland was released in the fall of ’86, so by that measure it would have been the summer I turned 15. I was pretty damn sure I was 13 at the time though; I remember being miserable the day before going to Disneyland because it was becoming a teenager and my mom wasn’t there.

So was the birthday memorable for becoming a teen or for some other reason that escapes me? Was it really Graceland I craved or some other album? I can so clearly remember going to a strip mall and buying that cassette, but maybe that wasn’t in California? I’m so confused now. Time has lost all meaning!