I’m part of a hiring committee for a job on campus, an entirely different department. They asked for me help evaluating the applicants, and for some reason I agreed. It’s an insane amount of time, even bigger than I initially feared, but I always greatly enjoy the process.

It always makes me think of my own career progression, which is going pretty well. It makes me think of my own technical prowess, which I always wish could be better. It makes me think about my educational background, which I’m comfortable with or not depending on the time of day. This particular department appears to place considerable emphasis on degree’s, so at this time of the day I’m less comfortable than others.

Here’s a good one I hadn’t heard before. Feel free to answer it, the comment feature is there for a reason people.

“Let’s pretend for a minute that you get this position. Imagine that you have settled in and been working with us for about six months. What will we likely discover or learn about you that may not be evident today?”