It’s far easier to start from a template, so I’ll go ahead and do that. In a nutshell, though, I dug high school more or less.

School and year you graduated:
Central High School. Crookston, MN. 1990. The building was demolished 3 or 4 years later. *sigh*

Nickname in High School:
Never really had one. I was “Burrito Bendi” in a half assed way, since I worked at “Taco Johns”. I also had “Troll” in an even more half assed way, for passing out on a dam at a party.

Sport you were into:
I was huge into Tennis, playing every day the summer of my Junior, and more than a few late nights during the school year. Never for the school itself though.

Had a circle of friends:
More of a line of friends, myself and my friend Dave. Ocassionally a triangle or square of friends if Jason or Ross were with.

Best subject(s):
Most of them. I was a good, if extremely unchallenged, student.

Worst subject(s):
Any class that met before 10a my senior year.

Teacher to whom you owe life lessons?
In 9th grade our career counselor, who I’m still friends with, gave us a speech about how earning a higher degree after high school was like shoveling shit from one side of the room to the other. I don’t remember much else from the talk, and his point probably wasn’t that getting a Bachelor’s degree was a lot of drudgery and pointless activity, but that’s certainly what stuck with me.

Mr. Davidson, previously referred to.

Best friend?
Dave. Still my best friend.

Cafeteria food sucked?
Not particularly, but I wasn’t a discerning customer. I went to the “salad bar” 95% of the time, and it’s pretty hard to screw that up.

Wore uniforms?

How was the prom?
Didn’t go my Junior year, no prospects. Hadn’t been on a date by then.
Didn’t go my Senior year. The prom was held at the same time as the state speech competition, which I had finally qualified for. I had a pretty understanding girlfriend.

Who were the prom king and queen?
Travis Hoiseth won my Senior Year. I remember because we worked together, and because he was a fairly atypical prom king.

Any achievements?
Won all sorts of stuff in speech. Went to the state finals in Knowledge Bowl twice. Other stuff.

Were you popular?
I wasn’t unpopular. But I also wasn’t invited to my high school reunion, despite having a brother, mother, and grandparents left in my hometown. And this thing called the Internet. This annoys me greatly, which is a little odd since I’ve never wanted to attend my reunion.

Best song that reminds you of high school?
None. I really wasn’t in to music in high school, certainly not enough to pick a single song. I remember using my tax return one year to buy a CD Boombox, which was $200 at the time. I proceeded to join Columbia House and order some CD’s, my first 8. I don’t remember what they were except for Hysteria. Dave and I then tested how indestructible CDs really were by playing pool (the billiards kind) with Hysteria. They’re not all that indestructible, and we lamented using Hysteria to test it on instead of one of the shittier ones I had. (For the record, one of the most impressive ways to shatter a CD is hitting it side on with a tennis raquet)