I’ve been working on a source code migration thing slowly for a few months now. It’s painful and boring and dull. This week is when I’m supposed to be testing it and moving it to production. But like studying for finals in college I’m finding all sorts of semi-legitimate things to do instead. Here’s what I’ve done so far, instead of what I’m supposed to be doing:

  • Completely organized our project list
  • Worked on an oscar voting pool
  • Attended 6 meetings
  • Spent 2 hours in hallway conversations (which is about 1:30 over my annual average)
  • Wrote a perl script to export meeting maker data into a Sidekick (which I don’t own)
  • Cleaned my desk
  • Watered my plants
  • Actually wrote requirements for something
  • Made this entry
  • Investigated an alternate source code management solution (which we don’t need)
  • Spent 3 hours figuring out how to get my Visor to sync with my Mac over IR.
  • Spent 5 minutes getting up to get the cradle instead
  • Put together a playlist for the gym
  • Cleaned out my inbox
  • Tweaked our project management software

Now, nearly all of that list is actually productive, but not a single thing is what I’m really supposed to be doing.