I have very blond hair. I suspect my hair grows at rates commensurate with the population at large, but being blond I don’t have to shave it very often. Every 3-5 days or so. So shaving is not exactly a priority for me.

A few weeks ago I got a hankering to shave my face for real, with a razor and everything. Not a straight razor, let’s not go overboard. But the kind with three or four bendy blades that contour my face and make me feel smooth as a baby’s butt. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a razor to be found. I felt very unmanly, not having so basic a tool.

Then on Monday, there was a power outage on our part of town. My 3-5 days were up and I was looking scraggly, and I had a meeting that day that it would be best to not look scraggly for. But still I had no razor, and again felt very unmanly.

Now I feel manly, having finally shaved with steel and foam. More accurately spring mounted aluminum with an ultra-soft protective skinguard and knurled elastomeric crescents and metal grooves that provide better handling and control when shaving. But that doesn’t very manly at all, now does it?