Right now I’m reading The Devil Problem and Other True Storie and Other
True Stories by David Remnick. Before that I read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray
Bradbury. Before that About a Boy, Nick Hornby. Then How To Be Good,
The Alienist, Robots of Dawn, The Robot Novels, Space, Once and Future
Kinq, Robin Hood, The Ice Shard, Dragon Prince, Magician: Apprentice,
Childhood’s End, The Martian Chronicles, Lucifer’s Hammer, Ringworld,
Tales of Known Space, The Great Brain, Alvin Fernald Superweasel, Bleak
House, Tale of Two Cities, Silas Marner, Neuromancer, Why People Believe
Stupid Things, Lies My Teacher Told Me . The first book that totally
hooked me was Clan of the Cave Bear, the first book I remember reading
was A Boy and His Drum (which I still have).

I love data, but do a poor job of keeping it. I’d love to have a complete list of books I’ve read, or movies I’ve seen, or concerts I’ve been to. I don’t have any of that, but it doesn’t hurt to list some of them anyway.