“It’s only hair, it’ll grow back.” I told myself this for about 2 hours last night, and I’m pretty sure it kept my sanity in tact. My daughter (3) and her friend (6) decided it would be nice to cut her beautiful long hair. Chop chop, it’s nearly all gone, and I was seething or laughing or something.

I don’t remember any recent event that has left me so conflicted with so many emotions. The initial reaction of all the adults was to laugh. Haha, it’s one of those things nearly every kid goes through. Haha, those wacky kids. But that’s always a missing lock or a chopped bank, not a full on hair styling by a 6 year old.

Then there was the anger, bubbling dangerously beneath the surface. Anger that they were both so incredibly stupid as to do it. Anger at myself for not keeping a closer eye on them. Anger that a pair of scissors was such an easy get.

Sadness was the strangest emotion of them all, though. What was I sad about? I still don’t know, 24 hours later. The closest I could come was something about my innocent daughter not being so innocent anymore. Seemed weird then, seems weird now. But it was definately there.

Now the only remaining emotion is nonchalance, like so many things about me. Eh, her hair got cut. A wacky episode to remember 20 years from now. She still looks cute, she still has a wonderful laugh, and she can still be a little turd.

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